Attention Malaysians: Dengue Vaccines Now Available at Selected Qualitas Clinics

With dengue cases on the rise in Malaysia, the introduction of a safe and effective dengue vaccine marks a significant step in combating this deadly disease. As exclusive providers of the dengue vaccine in Malaysia, Qualitas Health is taking a proactive stance to improve public health by administering the Drug Control Authority (DCA) approved dengue vaccine at selected clinics. This critical step aims to curb the rising number of dengue cases and fatalities, ensuring that Malaysians are protected against the severe symptoms of dengue.

Designed using recombinant DNA technology, the dengue vaccine provides protection against all 4 dengue virus stereotypes. Clinical trials involving approximately 20,000 children and adolescents across Latin America and the Asia Pacific region demonstrate that the vaccine is effective in preventing dengue fever and reducing hospitalizations due to dengue[1]. In comparison to the placebo group, results showed an 80% reduction in dengue fever cases and a 90% reduction in hospitalizations due to dengue in those who received the vaccine [1]. In terms of long-term efficacy, it was found that only 0.1% of vaccinated children were hospitalised due to dengue compared to 1.0% in the placebo group, in the 18 months following the 2nd dose[1].

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The Dengue Vaccine

  • Administration: Available exclusively at selected Qualitas clinics across Malaysia.
  • Price: RM450 for the two-dose regimen.
  • Schedule: Two doses administered three months apart, with each dose being 0.5ml.
  • Eligibility: Suitable for individuals aged 4 and above, regardless of previous dengue infection.

Dengue Vaccine in Malaysia: Why It’s Needed

Dengue fever poses a serious threat in Malaysia, with a notable increase in cases and fatalities over the past year. A report by the Ministry of Health Malaysia revealed that there were 67,137 reported dengue cases from January 1, 2024, to June 8, 2024 – a stark rise from the 51,331 cases reported during the same period in 2023 [2]. Moreover, the same report found that the dengue fatality rate also increased, with 48 fatalities in 2024 compared to 37 fatalities in 2023 [2].

In terms of acquired immunity, recovery from an initial dengue infection only provides immunity against that specific dengue stereotype [3]. This leaves individuals vulnerable to severe complications if infected by a different serotype [3]. Thus, getting the dengue vaccine is important as it offers protection against all four dengue virus serotypes.

How Can I Get Vaccinated?
Malaysians can conveniently book their dengue vaccination through the Qualitas Plus app, making the process seamless and efficient. All you need to do is download the Qualitas Plus app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and purchase the dengue vaccination from the app’s marketplace.


  1. How Does the Vaccine Work?
    The Qdenga vaccine uses a live, attenuated virus designed to provoke an immune response that protects against all four dengue virus serotypes. This recombinant DNA technology ensures broad and effective protection.
  1. Who Should Not Take the Vaccine?
  • Individuals with severe allergies to any components of the vaccine (α,α-Trehalose dihydrate, Poloxamer 407, Human serum albumin, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, Disodium hydrogen phosphate, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride) [1].
  • Individuals with compromised immune systems (e.g., individuals with HIV) [1].
  • Individuals undergoing immunosuppressive treatments (e.g., chemotherapy, high doses of systemic corticosteroids in the 4 weeks prior to getting vaccinated) [1].
  • Pregnant women [1].
  • Breast-feeding women [1].

Disclaimer. If you fall under any one of the above groups, do consult a healthcare provider before getting vaccinated.

  1. Can People Who Have Previously Had Dengue Get the Vaccine?
    Yes, individuals who have previously had dengue can and should get vaccinated. The vaccine provides protection against all four dengue virus serotypes, reducing the risk of severe complications from subsequent infections [1,3].
  1. How Many Doses Do I Need to Be Fully Protected?
    To achieve full protection, two doses of the vaccine are required, administered three months apart.

 Stand Up To Dengue

With dengue cases on the rise, the availability of the dengue vaccine at selected Qualitas clinics provides Malaysians with a vital tool to protect their health. By getting vaccinated, you contribute to reducing the spread of dengue and safeguarding the well-being of Malaysians. Book your vaccination today through the Qualitas Plus app and take the first step towards a dengue-free future. 


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