How to stay healthy during the holiday season

It’s the end of a challenging year and we all just want to relax and enjoy ourselves. The holiday season is filled with good food and fun activities but it can also be a time of unhealthy eating and getting sick.

How do you stay healthy while enjoying yourself and the company of others? Check out these tips.


Eat mindfully

It’s tempting to be tempted by the wonderful holiday food. Eat slowly, enjoy the aromas and tastes. Pay attention to your body’s signals – is it telling you it’s full? You don’t have to eat everything now, there will always be leftovers tomorrow.


Stay hydrated

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is important. Ensure you take a few moments throughout the day to drink plain or infused water. If you are consuming alcohol, try alternating with glasses of water between your cocktails.


Stay safe

Remember that the COVID-19 virus is still around. Depending on the situation and rules in your area, you may be able to attend gatherings but remember to wear your mask where necessary and always wash your hands thoroughly.


Don’t forget your fruits and vegetables

While it’s fun to try all the comfort foods, don’t forget to add a portion or two of vegetables to your meals. Substitute the sweet treats for some fruits once in a while. Not only are they lower in calories, they will keep your immune system stronger when you need it.


Get enough sleep

You may already be tired and stressed out from work or life; take the opportunity during the holidays to get some sleep. Stick to a regular bedtime as much as you can. Don’t overbook yourself with activities. It’s OK to say no and focus on some self-care.


Happy Holidays from Qualitas Health Malaysia!