Get free basic consultations through the Qualitas Medical Concierge

0531 Call centre blog post

What is the Qualitas Medical Concierge?

The Qualitas Medical Concierge is a dedicated call centre that functions as a direct line from our patients to our healthcare professionals. You can call up to ask any question about your symptoms, medical history or medications, or ask our administrators to assist with appointments and any general enquiry. And it’s free!

Our nurse or doctor will be able to provide a FREE initial diagnosis of symptoms, advice about treatment or answers about medication.

For more complex or urgent medical cases, the doctor will advise whether or not an in-clinic appointment should be made. In this case, our administrator at the call centre is able to assist you to make an appointment at the nearest Qualitas clinic.

Of course, we can also answer any general question you have about Qualitas services or assist you with your doctor’s appointments (both online video consultations and in-clinic appointments).

The Qualitas Medical Concierge is truly a game-changer. If you have a minor ailment, you no longer have to wait for appointments with a doctor or spend time travelling to and from the clinic. All payments are made online, making it super convenient.

We can also arrange video consultations and in-clinic appointments through our call centre. This service is provided as a complement to making bookings through the Qualitas Patient Portal app.

Call our hotline – 012-500 7964 – for a FREE phone consultation or any general enquiry about Qualitas services.