Book an appointment to visit a Qualitas clinic. You will be able to search for clinics based on location, name of doctor or speciality.

Health Records

Gain access to your medical records, and that of your family under your care. Have access to your records on-the-go, no matter where you are!


Book an online consultation with GPs to get medical advice remotely and have prescribed medication delivered to your home.


Have doctors monitor your health after a consultation, while you’re at home to observe your reaction to the prescribed treatment plan.

Book An Appointment

Visit A Qualitas Clinic

Book an appointment to visit any Qualitas clinic across the country. By doing this you skip the queue and prolonged waits in the clinic waiting rooms.

Get An Online GP Consultation

Choose a slot that suits you and get an online consultation with our GPs. No extra cost and all payments are carried out online. Get the medical advice you need from the comfort of your home.


Consult With A Doctor Virtually

With the launch of the fully comprehensive Telemedicine @ Qualitas, patients have access to board-certified doctors seven days a week, regardless of where they are through the Teleconsultation element of the service. Patients have access to a virtual visit almost immediately based on the slots and doctors available. Patients will be able to pick their doctor based on preferences and are clearly notified of the cost of the consultation. Teleconsultation is geared toward providing patient-centric care accessible through any computer or smartphone. Through a three-step process, users can instantly select a doctor, consultation slot and begin a consultation.

Step-by-Step Guide To Teleconsultation

Step 1

Register as a patient (one-off). An OTP will be sent to your phone.

Step 2

Key in your phone number & password

Step 3

For Online Consultation (Teleconsultation) you can search by doctor’s gender and their availability.

Step 4

Once you click on a slot, key in your email address and your medical concern (optional)

Step 5

Proceed to payment via FPX, Credit/Debit Card or E-wallet.

Step 6

Once payment is made, a notification of the confirmed appointment with the video consultation link will be shared with you. A reminder will be sent closer to your date.

Access To Health Records

You will have access to your patient records and that of any family member under your care. This allows you to always have your medication, treatment plans, symptoms and frequency of visits all accessible from your mobile or desktop. This is also extremely useful in emergency situations where doctors will have access to information about your allergies, previous treatment schedule as well as any observations noted by your GP, that you may share through the app on your mobile.

Monitor Your Recovery

The Qualitas Patient Care portal also specialises in remote patient management. This monitoring or management solutions for patients is especially useful for patients that require continuous online observation by doctors. The system works through patient engagement, patient education, and early treatment interventions to reduce re-admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Teleconsultation?

The main purpose of teleconsultation is to connect doctors with patients. It enables doctors to reach patients regardless of where they are and for patients who are not able to reach doctors due to immobility or travel restrictions to get the medical care they need.

2. How soon can I book an appointment?

There are two types of appointments you can make. The first is a physical appointment at a Qualitas clinic. You can book an appointment for the next available slot, even if you are standing outside the clinic!

The second is an online appointment. Yes, when you log in to the portal you will find doctors who are online with a green button next to them. You can choose to get the next available appointment, which is typically in 30 minutes if there are enough doctors online.

3. How do I pay for my consultation?

Payments are made prior to consultation. After you book your appointment you will be taken to a payment page where you can pay for consultation via credit/debit card, FPX or e-wallets.

4. Can I cancel my appointment?

For a physical visit to a clinic, you can cancel your appointment. If you can’t make it you can reschedule to another slot.

For online or teleconsultation, you can reschedule up to 45mins before the slot. If you would like to cancel your appointment after it has been confirmed, payment will not be refunded. If the doctor is unable to make it, the appointment will be rescheduled.

5. What services are available?

GP Consultation, prescription, monitoring of treatment plan, MC and discussion of previous medical examination or investigations that have been carried out.

6. How is my privacy protected?

All teleconsultation sessions are not recorded and the platform uses encoded and secure serves for this purpose. Qualitas Health abides by medical codes of conduct and a strict standard of care.

7. How do I get my medication?

If you want medication to be delivered to you, a quotation will be given, upon confirmation and payment, our logistics company will deliver to your preferred address.

8. Is it available on mobile?

Yes, users can access the portal via their mobile phones. The apps are available on Google Play and on the App Store. Scan the QR code at the bottom of this page to install the App.

9. Do I need to be a patient of Qualitas Health?

Yes. However, if you are not a patient Qualitas Health, you can register through the portal and gain full access to all its services.

10. What kind of patient records are available?

Patients would be able to access their own medical records – whether from in-clinic visits or teleconsultations. If your family members are registered under your care, you will be able to access their records as well.

To access the Qualitas Tele-Med, Patient Care Portal, you can:



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