Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport Accepted Into Singapore

Qualitas onboard as clinical partner with wide Asia-Pacific network


Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport has partnered with Temasek-founded Affinidi to become Malaysia’s first Health Passport to be accepted into Singapore. Immunitee’s clinical partner is Qualitas Medical Group, the primary healthcare provider in Malaysia as well as across the Asia-Pacific region with a network of more than 250 clinics.

Immunitee also works with laboratory partners Clinipath and Gribbles, Malaysia’s most trusted providers of diagnostic laboratory services.

Scheduled to launch in March 2021, Immunitee will be provided as an open-source system at no charge to governments and organisations around the world.

Verifiable Data

The Immunitee Health Passport is a system designed to store personal immunisation records and vaccine data, with the Unifier platform providing interoperability to securely share the necessary data with the various national health check systems being put in place globally.

The digitally verifiable health credentials are designed to give travellers a pleasant and hassle-free experience when travelling during the pandemic and will be easily verified at the Singapore airport, once the borders are reopened.

Immunitee Health Passport will allow consumers and authorities to

  • Facilitate clearance at border health checkpoints
  • Ensure data protection and security through blockchain
  • Verify the authenticity of Covid-19 tests and vaccines
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Immunitee stores all patient data on a public blockchain system, ensuring that data cannot be ‘scraped’, is protected, and belongs to the user.

Future of Travel

“The future of travel in a Covid world means that travellers will be required to show proof of Covid-19 testing as well as a vaccination history, and the Immunitee Health Passport provides an end-to-end platform for users,” says Dr Nick Boden, Chief Executive Officer, Immunitee.

“The sheer scale of the Covid-19 vaccination drive means that in an extremely short period of time, systems need to be put into place that are cheap, accurate and can work on existing infrastructure. Immunitee can be quickly deployed and provides a single Vaccine Registry Management System, that unites private and public healthcare systems while simultaneously protecting confidential patient information. To this end we are proud to work with Affinidi, Singapore’s pioneering digital technology provider founded by Temasek.”

Immunitee stores all patient data on a public blockchain system, ensuring that data cannot be ‘scraped’, is protected, and belongs to the user.

Government authorities and other organisations including national healthcare systems, immigration systems, hotels, universities and schools can only access information by scanning a secure QR Code which contains all the relevant testing and vaccination information and can only be unlocked using a private ‘key’ that belongs to the user.

The authorities and other organisations have no other access to any confidential information and there is no location tracking.

Dr Boden adds: “Vaccines have been developed at ‘breakneck’ speeds and are being supplied to governments and the private sector. It is important to ensure that the cold chain and vaccine management systems are in place to ensure proper traceability and authenticity. Patient safety and the ability to track adverse events are an essential part of the roll out.”

Immunitee works with recognised laboratories to automatically store users’ test history on the blockchain and implements a secure vaccine tracking and tracing programme to ensure that the vaccine is both authentic and has been stored at the right temperature.

This verification is done within the app where the vaccine is scanned by the user before it is administered. Only vaccines that have been registered and tracked on the Immunitee system can be administered.  – Adapted from Business Today