Qualitas Medical Group Introduces Ewacare Marketplace: Your Gateway To Better Health And Well-being

Qualitas Medical Group proudly introduces EwaCare Marketplace, our latest online initiative dedicated to revolutionising health and well-being. Developed in collaboration with Visamed International Sdn Bhd, this digital platform represents a pivotal step in expanding our digital services and catering to the evolving needs of our customers.

 Our mission is to continually enhance customer offerings, and ongoing discussions with suppliers underscore our commitment to building a robust online proposition. EwaCare Marketplace acts as a seamless bridge connecting mobile and online visitors to a comprehensive range of healthcare services, both within Qualitas Medical Group equity clinics and through a growing network of reputable community providers. 

 More than just an e-commerce store, this platform shines a spotlight on health-conscious living. Boasting partnerships with ACC @ Evesuite Medical Centre, and VISTA Eye Specialist, the marketplace features a variety of health screening packages, vaccinations, child development screening, and antenatal check-ups.

 Our user-friendly e-commerce platform is designed to provide a convenient experience for our customers. As we forge closer collaborations with participating providers, we reinforce our commitment to being a trusted healthcare partner. This synergy not only enhances the scope of services within Qualitas but also expands our reach, ensuring that more individuals can access quality healthcare effortlessly.

 Discover the future of healthcare at your fingertips by visiting https://care.ewamed.com. EwaCare marketplace represents Qualitas Medical Group’s dedication to leveraging technology for improved healthcare accessibility and a heightened focus on preventive care. Join us on this digital journey as we continue to serve our community with excellence in healthcare.